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Wayzata, MN Chiropractor: The Past Is In The Past!

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While out on the golf course recently I was playing really bad on a particular hole. So bad, I ended up bogeying (1 over par). I’m very competitive, so when I bogeyed, a rush of negative thoughts began to enter my mind and started to focus on “how bad I was playing” vs. “how great I could play” and “how strong I could finish”.

…and that’s when it hit me, “What’s in the past is in the past and has no effect on my future.”

Watch this video to hear more about the conclusion I drew and lesson I learned from this round of golf and how you can apply this lesson to your own life. Whether you apply it at work, with family, friends, or even if you too are enjoying a round of golf.

Love ya,

Dr. Tom



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