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First Visit Information

Here’s What You’ll Experience on Your First Visit

Meet Courtney

Courtney is our ROCKSTAR Align office manager and she will greet you with a warm smile the second you walk through our doors. It is her job to take care of you when you first visit our chiropractic clinic.

After you get settled in, she will guide you through your adjustments, rehab and all the steps you need to becoming a healthier you!

No one does it better.

See if We Can Help You

Can we help you? Not sure. Unfortunately, we have absolutely no idea until we actually meet you, it’s really hard to tell with you sitting here reading this. ☺

The Bad News: You’ll have to come in to see if we can help you.

The Good News: We get to meet you and learn about your health needs!

The Better News: We have been extremely blessed to help hundreds and hundreds of families EVERY SINGLE WEEK. We can’t wait to see if we can help you too! (By the way – we promise to do our absolute best to help you.)

The Best News of All: If we can help you, we will. If we cannot help you, we will help you find someone who can.

Your First Chiropractic Visit Includes

Your story. Upon your arrival we will have some basic paperwork for you to complete. This information will provide us with background information concerning you and your health experiences to date.

You are welcome to download the intake form below. Having it completed on your arrival will save you some time on your first visit.

Consultation, Examination & X-Rays

With your paperwork completed, you will have a consultation and exam with the doctor to discuss your health concerns and goals. Once that information has been obtained, a specialized examination will take place to determine if you are in fact a candidate for chiropractic care or if the doctor has other or additional suggestions for you. If we can help you, we will proceed with x-rays so we know EXACTLY what is going on on the inside. (kids six years and under typically do not get x-rays)

Doctor’s Recommendation

Lastly, Courtney will help you schedule an additional visit to go over your x-rays and discuss recommendations.