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If you can win the morning, you can win the day!

win the morning

Each day you wake up with a clean slate, a new start to a completely different day then the previous or the following. How you begin your day, will dictate how the day follows. I am going to walk you through a routine, of very precise actions to take, to win the morning so you can win the day.

First and foremost, by creating regular rituals & routines you will not have to think about what needs to be done each morning. It becomes muscle memory through training your nervous system. Our mornings create the momentum for our days, so being proactive about creating a successful routine is critical.

The following morning routine options will help you develop a vision for your day.

  1. Recall your dreams-

    • Dreams are often forgotten in the first few minutes after waking up. Recalling your dreams is important because dreaming is you processing, inter-creating, and working on solutions with your subconscious mind to the things that you’re focusing on during the day.
  2. Make your bed-

    • This is a SUCCESS habit. By making your bed you are checking something of your list right away in the morning. When you come home from your day you are coming back to SUCCESS.
  3. Drink a glass of water-

    • Start the bodies internal processes.
  4. Work on your breathing (Meditation or breathing focused exercises)-

    • This helps get oxygen to the body & brain.
  5. Movement for 2-3 min (jumping jacks or crunches)-

    • This is not designed to be your exercise for the day but instead to just get the blood moving through the body.
  6. Cold Shower-

    • Cold therapy has many benefits to your health.
  7. Normal hygiene routine-

    • This would include brushing your teeth, shaving, etc…
  8. Tea or Coffee paired with a journal entry-

    • Journal entries, writing by hand is preferred, soothes the brain and stimulates self-care thinking.
  9. Create a To-Do list-

    • 3 things for work, 3 things that are personal.
  10. Read for 20-30 minutes-

    • Activating the brain and “warming it up”
  11. Breakfast-

    • Make sure it is nutritious. Don’t eat empty calories.

By following these steps (in any order you’d like if you maintain the same routine) will help you be focused every day on what you want to accomplish, how you want to feel, and in turn will lead to more success for you!


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