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Are You Prepared for the Flu Season?

flu season

1 out of 5 Americans is projected to get the flu this year. I think we can all agree, the best way to prevent getting the flu is by having a strong immune system. Unfortunately, there is not a “healthy immune system” pill that we can buy. So, what is the greatest way to boost our immune system?

The most effective approach to having a strong immune system, is by exercise, stress management, diet, nutritional supplements, and having a healthy functioning nervous system. After reading that last sentence, you’re probably thinking, “holy cow! All of that sounds like a lot of work!” I agree! Let’s simplify it! If you were to ask any type of doctor to prioritize those BOLD words above, I can guarantee you, they would all say having a healthy functioning nervous system is the most important method of action to having a strong immune system.


Before I answer that question, you need to know this… The nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

The brain controls literally every part of the human body, making it solely responsible for your health. For an extreme example of this, think about a simple paper cut. If someone was to cut off your head, would your paper cut heal? Obviously, the answer is, NO! WHY? The only reason that paper cut heals is because there is communication traveling from your brain, down your spinal cord and through your nerves to that finger, telling it to heal. This is what occurs with every part of the human body. Even your heart has no clue when to beat or how to circulate blood. Every second of your life, your brain sends communication to your heart telling it how and when to function. In the same way, how strong your immune system is, is solely dependent on how healthy and efficient your nervous system is functioning.

How do I know if my nervous system is functioning well?

The first action step is to have an x-ray taken to see what your spine/structure looks like. The next step is to sit down with a chiropractor to go over your x-rays. Any area of abnormal structure, (any bend, tilt, or twist) tells us that regardless whether you have symptoms or not, wherever those nerves are going to, those body parts (organs, muscles, tissues, etc.) are not functioning as well as they should be. The nerves that control the immune system are located at the very top of the neck, directly below the skull. By correcting abnormal structure, specifically in the upper neck, we will enhance the functionality of the immune system. The last step is to take a post x-ray and compare to your original x-ray so you can visually see proof that positive changes are being made to your spine/structure.

It is important to get your structure checked to ensure you have a healthy functioning nervous system. Call us today!

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