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Why do I Adjust My Kids?

Why do I adjust my kids? To keep it short and sweet, my answer… because I love them, I want what’s best for them, and I want them to be healthy. But don’t we all? So then, why do so many of us NOT make it a priority to have our kids adjusted? I believe it’s because we simply aren’t educated on what health truly is and what corrective chiropractic can do for the body.

I’m not going to write multiple paragraphs right now trying to explain health to you, but I will tell you this TRUTH… If you primarily base your health off of how you feel or how you look, you’re completely missing the big picture. Five out of six people in America die from something they CANNOT feel. There is so much more to health than the presence or absence of pain. My kids feel great and I truly couldn’t be more grateful for that! That being said, I continue to adjust them because I could never allow a small issue to arise in their young age that could potentially develop into something worse, creating a negative impact on their future such as limiting them from playing with their own kids, traveling, and everything else they’re passionate about in life. I adjust my kids because we choose to be proactive with our health, rather than reactive.

At Align, we hear some of the coolest stories every single week from our practice members who no longer have migraines after suffering daily for 10+ years, who no longer have back pain, who are now pregnant after having infertility issues for multiple years, etc… But, the crazy thing is, the best stories are the ones we never hear about. I’m talking about the people who have never had to go down that road. This is why so many kids/families come to Align. The AWESOME people who come to Align have been educated on what health truly is. They are here for the right reasons. They are here to be proactive.

I want to leave you with an extremely bold and convicting statement that I once saw in a chiropractic office I visited. I hope this will get you thinking…

“Go ahead leave your children at home so they can enjoy the same problems

you have for the rest of their life.”


In Health,

Dr. Lance Neubauer

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