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Turn Resolutions into Habits

Starting Fresh

Happy New Years! The confetti by now has been cleaned up and a fresh and exciting new year is upon us all. 12 new and promising months lie ahead, and with that comes the ever-failing resolutions for the new year. Every year, well-meaning people want to get healthy, learn yoga, learn to meditate, bike more, hike more, eat more vegetables, eat less sugar—and, generally, those hopes and wishes die by February 1st. But why exactly? Too many bite off more than they can chew. They’re not realistic. They’re easily discouraged. They think of resolutions as once-a-year wishes, instead of creating a culture of positive change in their lives to last the entire year (and well beyond, too).

It’s time to shift your mindset about New Year’s resolutions by learning to set the right kind of goals and intentions—ones that spark positive steps toward the happy, healthy vision you have for your life. Here are a few quick and simple pointers.

Set those Goals

As you set goals make sure that they are specific and realistic! Focus on adding healthy habits instead of taking away unhealthy ones. If you want to start changing poor eating habits start small with adding in one vegetable per meal. Starting with a goal that is obtainable will help it become a part of your daily routine much quicker and in the long run be a part of your every day life. Next, make sure that you are infusing positive vibes in to your goals. Don’t look at going to the gym as a chore. Instead shift your prospective on working out! Exercising shouldn’t be a chore, it can be as easy as going for a walk while listening to an audio-book or trying out new fitness centers in the area with a friend. Cheer yourself on. And finally, but probably most importantly, MAKE A PLAN. Have daily steps as part of a plan to reach monthly goals that in turn help check off yearly goals. We all like checking things off our goal list so start with 5 goals that range in difficulty but all have the same end game in mind.

So, in 2019 just take it one day at a time. Focus on being 1% better today than the day before. Just remember the 5 D’s (Daily, Decisions, Determine, Direction, & Destiny).

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