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TOP 7 Questions For A Potential Chiropractor


TOP 7 Questions For A Potential Chiropractor

1: Do you take x-rays?

“To see is to know”. You want to make sure that the doctor knows EXACTLY what is going on in order to determine EXACTLY what needs to be done. The x-rays should be used as the doctor is adjusting so that the adjustments are as specific as possible.

2: Do you get spinal listings off the x-rays?

This means the x-rays are being used to guide the doctor’s adjustments. You do not want your doctor to take x-rays, put them in a file and then adjust you the same as everyone else. You need to know that the chiropractor is adjusting you specific to your x-rays. Cookie cutter adjustments will NOT get correction, only temporary symptom relief.

3: Is your goal to restore the normal structure and function or is it only symptom relief?

It is important that the doctor’s goal is bigger than simply getting you to feel better. An ibuprofen can do that. You want the doctor to actually be fixing the CAUSE of the problem so that it does not come back.

4: Do you take post x-rays to prove structural changes?

This is what separates a corrective chiropractor from the rest. You want to make sure that the doctor is PROVING that things are actually correcting and changing on x-ray. Anyone can tell you there’s a problem on x-ray, but proving correction is essential to know that you are actually fixing the problem.

5: Are you familiar with repairing disc injuries?

This is chiropractic 101 and you want to make sure the doctor is skilled and specific enough to work with individuals with a disc herniation and disc injuries both acute and chronic.

6: Do you work with post-spinal surgery patients?

Working with someone who already has steel rods, plates, or alterations of the spine requires an extremely high level of skill and accuracy.

7: Do you work with pediatrics and elderly?

You will want someone with the confidence to treat all ages safely and effectively. Chiropractic is safe from birth – 210 years of age.

Blog inspired by Dr. John Bergman
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