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The Corrective Difference

“So, what is different about how you adjust as a Corrective Chiropractor?” This is a common question asked by most people that have not been to a corrective chiropractor. So, what is the difference? Most Chiropractors adjust exactly how we were taught in school, using the exact same 7 adjustments on every person they see. While this may sound ridiculous, statistically speaking this will help about 90% of people with headaches and low back pain for a period of time. BUT, if the underlying problem is not being corrected what happens with those symptoms? They return, and the structure of the spine has most likely continued to get worse over this entire length of time.

What makes our adjusting style extremely unique and allows us to be very specific is the fact that we use each person’s most current x-rays and develop an adjusting note that is based off their x-rays. Every single time a practice member gets adjusted at Align we adjust them with their x-rays and specific adjusting note up on a computer screen right next to them. This is how we are able to be specific with each person while still keeping efficiency, as we currently are blessed to help 400-500 people every single week.

Another thing that is exclusive to the corrective adjustment is that we adjust using the Cartesian Coordinate System, or X, Y, Z axis. Most chiropractors only adjust in 1 dimension, rotationally along the Y-axis. But, we have mastered the skill to adjust specifically in all axes to incorporate the body’s ability to move in every direction. The best example I can give is a comparison between a personal trainer who uses a cookie cutter approach with each client they work with versus the trainer who evaluates you to know exactly what the most effective program will be for you. Obviously, the cookie cutter approach will allow you to get in decent shape and lose some weight. But, we know the more specific the program is to each individual, the more effective the outcome. MOST IMPORTANTLY the risk for injury is decreased because the plan is shaped and molded to the specific needs of their body.

We are experts at correcting posture and abnormal structure of the spine- that is our goal of care. I hope this information has helped you gain a better understanding of what makes the corrective adjustment different and how our care strategy proves to get results where others may have failed.

In Health,

Dr. Kyler Maxfield

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