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Every Mother and Father Needs to Hear This!


If you are a mother or father, continue reading. If you’re not, copy this link and send it to yours!

To all the mothers reading this… It is NOT selfish to put yourself FIRST every now and then.

Moms are the greatest! YOU bend over backwards every single day to take care of your family. YOU never get the recognition, gratitude and love you deserve, yet YOU continue being the ROCKSTAR mom that you are. Your family depends on you… like A LOT! I know you know that. That is exactly why you need to hear again that it is NOT selfish to put yourself first every now and then, especially when it comes to your health. Even though I don’t tell her enough, I greatly appreciate what my wife does for me and my kids. There are so many things my wife does for my family everyday that I don’t even realize unless she tells me. Again, I’m very grateful for the sacrifices she makes, but at the same time, if all she is ever doing is putting herself on the back burner and focusing on myself and the kids, her health will be affected by that. Now I’m not saying that fathers don’t do this as well, but mothers simply seem to have a special selflessness inside of them that you don’t see anywhere else.

So, to the mother reading this, please know that when YOUR health is affected, it doesn’t just affect you. It affects EVERYONE. So please, make time for yourself each week. Go get a massage, get your nails done or kick everyone out of the house for an hour so you can have sixty minutes by yourself in peace and quiet. Don’t ever stop taking care of your health. To the father… You know everything I said up above is true, so SUPPORT YOUR WIFE! Encourage her everyday to make healthy decisions, especially for herself. If that means she starts spending some extra time and money on herself to see a higher level of health, then great! That is exactly what she should do. That is exactly what you should do as well. Do not ever forget, when your health is affected, EVERYTHING  is affected.

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