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The Difference with Corrective Chiropractic

Sometimes looking for a good chiropractor can be hard. You want to know if you can trust them to get results. Have they had success with others dealing with similar symptoms as you? What sets them apart from other chiropractors? These are questions I personally would love to know before having my first adjustment. So… why don’t I help you out by telling you a little bit about what being a corrective chiropractor here at Align Health & Wellness is all about.

We take before AND after x-rays. Many of our practice members had been to other chiropractors prior to coming to Align Health and Wellness. They have had x-rays taken in the beginning but were never shown any change in them. Almost every time, their x-rays were put into a file and never seen again by the patient and post x-rays were never taken. We are currently 1 of about 400 chiropractic clinics in the world that will take before and after x-rays to prove that we are correcting abnormal structure of the body. It is the best way to prove that we get results.

We encourage people to be smart consumers. If someone is showing you a problem, make sure they are showing you that they are truly fixing it. Just because someone’s migraines or low back pain goes away, does not mean that the true CAUSE of those symptoms is gone/corrected.

Why do we want to see correction? Isn’t symptom relief good enough? What’s the difference? At Align Health & Wellness, we do not focus on just helping you feel better. Our goal is much bigger than that. As we start to correct abnormal structure of the spine, it is inevitable that you will feel better but if the abnormal structure of the body is never actually corrected, what happens to those symptoms? They will continue to come back. What will happen to any arthritis or degeneration? It will continue to progress over time.

The practice members at Align understand that health is so much more than just the presence or absence of pain. We strive to correct abnormalities in the spine so our bodies can heal and function the way God intended us to.

I hope you found this information helpful and gained some new knowledge from it. I also invite you to let your friends and family know about this by sharing it on Facebook. If you are someone looking for a chiropractor, the doctors and the rest of the team here at Align Health & Wellness would truly love to meet you!

In Health,

Dr. Lance Neubauer

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