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Corrective Chiropractic Care and Concussion

Corrective chiropractic for concussion

Concussions consist of a force that causes a shift to the brain inside the skull. This force can occur to the neck, head, or body causing a sudden movement to the head. We have seen a lot of focus on athletes as most concussions occur in contact sports. As more studies are being done, we are seeing that corrective chiropractic care has been shown to help post-concussion healing and helping to avoid concussions all together.

In this article we will discuss the different ways that corrective chiropractic care will help to see faster healing in those with concussion. We will also discuss how being adjusted can help avoid concussion.

1.) Neck Posture and Support – When looking at the neck, the proper biomechanics would show a concave curve from back to front. This allows for the seven joints of the neck to do their job efficiently. It also allows the soft tissue (muscles and ligaments) to provide proper support and movement for the neck.

When the neck curve is changed with a sudden blow or slowly over time it negatively affects the posture and how the neck is supported. When this is corrected, we see that our neck has better posture, can support bigger impacts, and will avoid bigger issues down the road.

2.) Brain and Spine Connection – The brain is connected to the entire body via the spinal cord. The spinal cord and brain make up our central nervous system. These are the only parts of the nervous system that are surrounded by bone for protection. The skull protects the brain, and the vertebrae protects the spinal cord.

With concussion, we often have a misalignment following the impact. This impacts our brain’s ability to communicate and heal. Corrective adjustments will help to restore this connection and we will see faster healing with post-concussion patients.

3.) Headaches – One of the most common symptoms following concussions is headaches. With concussion we often see that the neck is misaligned and that the muscles in the neck are invovled. When these muscles are injured they become very tense and tight. Corrective chiropractic care helps the misaligned joint but also helps relieve muscle soreness and promotes healing.

4.) Specific to Each Person – Corrective chiropractic care is specific to each individual person. Following a concussion every person may experience slightly different symptoms because no two people are the same. Corrective chiropractic care is similar. It does not have a “one size fits all” approach and every single adjustment has a reason, based off the person’s spinal structure.

Avoiding Concussion

As mentioned above, corrective chiropractors look specifically at the biomechanics of the spine or how our spine should look for optimal performance. If there is a deviation from ideal biomechanics, the neck is more prone to concussion.

For example, if someone has a neck that is completely straight and pulled forward it will not be able to support a force to the neck or head. As the proper curve and alignment take place via the corrective adjustment, we see that the neck can withstand larger blows and avoid concussion.


When concussions occur, a force is applied to the body in a way that moves the brain around suddenly. After a concussion occurs, the corrective chiropractic adjustments help to restore both the function and the healing capability of the brain to the body. With this the recovery can be reduced as well as the symptoms.

To help avoid concussions, corrective chiropractic adjustments help restore proper neck alignment. This allows more support for the head when a hit is received and therefore reduces the risk of a concussion.

Corrective Chiropractors are EXPERTS in fixing differences from ideal in the structure of the neck. This will help to recover quick following a concussion and also help avoid concussion all together.

By Dr. Bryce Johnson,
Align Health and Wellness

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