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If it’s a structural issue, we can help.

We offer a very unique type of chiropractic care called CORRECTIVE CHIROPRACTIC. Less than 2% of all chiropractors in the WORLD adjust correctively. Here at Align, our goal is to not just help you temporarily feel better by managing symptoms but rather ACTUALLY FIX any structural abnormality that is causing you pain. The best part is that we will prove it to you with before and after x-rays.

How do we know if it’s a structural issue?

We will take x-rays of your spine, so we know with 100% CERTAINTY what your structure looks like. If there are structural issues present, we will talk to you about the severity and importance of what is going on and recommend the action steps moving forward.

Who can have a structural issue in the body?

Structural issues can potentially be found in a person of any age. A question we get all the time is— “How could a baby possibly have a structural issue in the body?!” A quick visit to YouTube to watch a video of a child’s birth will show how traumatic it can be on the baby’s body. Then, as we go through our lives, there are thousands of physical stressors that can wear and tear on our bodies. At Align, we are a total family practice—our youngest practice member is three days old and our oldest in their 90’s.

Corrective chiropractic

Corrective Chiropractic

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