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Numbness & Tingling

Alleviate Numbness & Tingling with Corrective Chiropractic

Numbness and tingling is one of the top 5 reasons why people come to see us at Align. Typically, new patients will present with numbness and tingling down one arm or one leg.

The most common approach we find medical doctors doing when someone has numbness and tingling is that they do a corticosteroid injection in an attempt to decrease inflammation. Often times this will help to decrease symptoms but in most situations, we have seen this to be only a temporary pain reliever in that the cause which caused the problem is typically not corrected through the injection.

Chiropractic Care for Numbness

Our primary goal at Align Health & Wellness is to determine the cause of the numbness and/or tingling. Pinched nerves, acute injury, whiplash, cervical strain, disc herniations, thoracic outlet syndrome, intersegmental inflammation and vitamin deficiencies can all cause numbness and/or tingling into the extremities.

*The most common cause of numbness and/or tingling that we see in our clinic is that of an irritated nerve root or a disc herniation.

Can Corrective Chiropractors help with disc herniations?

At Align, we have successfully treated hundreds of people that have come to us with disc herniations diagnosed on MRI. Through our patient evaluation, we look for a specific cause of the disc herniation. If there is a tilt in a segment of the spine which puts more pressure on one side than the other, it is easy to understand how the compression on one side will push the herniation out the other side. When we find situations such as this related to the STRUCTURE of the body, that is what we treat. Through treating the abnormal structure and CORRECTING it, the body is able to heal the herniated material.

If you are experiencing numbness and/or tingling, ask yourself or your primary doctor the question…why is it only down this arm? Why isn’t it down the other?

Most commonly these symptoms will arise from a nerve that is stretched on one side and pinched on the other due to an tilt in the spine. When someone has a tilt, a shift, scoliosis or abnormal posture, it obviously will put more compression on one side than the other. One side will be stretched and one compressed. Over time if the compression remains on one side, a simple act such as picking up a bowling ball or tying one’s shoes can be enough to cause the disc to herniate.

If you are someone you know is struggling with numbness and tingling, please contact us today to see if we can treat the cause at it’s source!

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