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Ear Infections

Address Ear Infections with Corrective Chiropractic

An ear infection, also known as Otitis Media, is an inflammation of the middle ear, usually caused by a virus and occasionally bacteria. Ear infections are the most common childhood illness treated by pediatricians. Recent research tells us that nearly 80% of kids will suffer from at least one ear infection before the age of 2, with many of those kids suffering from multiple infections.

Chiropractic Care for Ear Infections

Unfortunately, ear infections are now so common in children that most parents we discuss this with almost have a feeling that they are normal. At Align Health & Wellness, we say all the time – just because something is common DOES NOT mean that it is normal. When it comes to ear infections, the common approach today is antibiotics, possibly various rounds, and even tubes. These approaches do not solve to solution. In fact, they may even make the child worse off down the road. Some studies show that each time a child under the age of two is prescribed an antibiotic, it increases their risk for developing asthma and allergies later on by a 2-4 fold!

As wellness chiropractors, we look to the cause. We find where the child is lacking communication to the immune system as well as where he/she is lacking the ability to drain out any infection and inflammation. When it comes to ear infections, the vast majority of subluxations (vertebral misalignments) that we find are located in the upper cervical spine (neck). If you are a parent that knows another round of antibiotics or tubes is not the answer, we would love to see if we can help.

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