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Pinched Nerve

Alleviate a Pinched Nerve with Corrective Chiropractic

A “pinched nerve” occurs when there is abnormal pulling, twisting, turning, or compression of a nerve in the body. Most commonly, people will experience them in the neck or lower back, and they are typically caused by a structural problem in the body. Poor posture can predispose a person to more frequent pinched nerves simply because it is stretching them abnormally all the time. For example, when somebody has Forward Head Posture (when the head rests in front of the body), it stretches EVERYTHING—muscles, ligaments, and the nerves.

Chiropractic Care for a Pinched Nerve

When there is a pinched nerve in the body, it can definitely cause pain. However, our BIGGER concern is the effect it can have on the body that isn’t pain. For instance, if there is a pinched nerve in your neck that is responsible for sending information to your thyroid, it can affect the thyroid’s function—even though you may not feel it.

A research study performed at the University of Colorado by a group of medical doctors found that if there is pressure on a nerve even the weight of a dime (10 mm Hg), it can reduce the function of that nerve by up to 60% (that’s a lot!).

At Align Health & Wellness, we take X-rays of the spine to determine if there is a structural issue present in the body causing the pinched nerve. If it is a structural issue, we can correct it. If not, we find somebody who can correct it. Contact us to get a complimentary evaluation today!

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