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Herniated Disc

Address a Herniated Disc with Corrective Chiropractic

A herniated disc is most commonly caused by a structural problem in the spine. Herniated spinal discs occur when there’s an extremely abnormal pressure or force on a disc in the spine, so it “herniates” out of its normal position. The disc’s purpose is to provide a cushion between the bones of the spine and to maintain the hole where nerves exit the spine. When a disc herniates, it often affects the nerve very quickly. Most often, they cause a lot of pain that can be sharp in nature. Disc herniations will often lead to shooting pains down the arms and legs, depending on where the herniation occurred.

Natural Care for a Herniated Disc

Because a disc herniation is painful, the treatment for it is often a painkiller. Unfortunately, when somebody treats a disc herniation with a painkiller, it is NOT changing the structure on the inside of the body. The pain will go away, but the problem remains, making the person much more susceptible to more disc herniations.

At Align Health & Wellness, our goal is to determine if a structural issue caused the disc herniation. If it is a structural problem, we discuss how we will correct the underlying problem. If it is not caused by a structural problem, we will find you somebody who can help. Please contact us right away if you or someone you know is suffering from a herniated disc!

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